piątek, 13 lipca 2012

Lab2 overboard!

Aye mateys! Just finished Lab2 project of Unity 3D tutorial by Walker Boys Studio. It took me somewhat more time because of fewer of things that were new and exciting. It is difficult to take the same things twice when you feel that you understand things quite a lot. But it's ok. It is finally done.

>>> Launch <<<

Production time

Predicted -> Actual

  • Setup:  10 -> 15
  • Assets: 45 -> 20
  • Player: 30 -> 40
  • Enemy:  20 -> 15
  • Menus:  40 -> 15
  • GUI:    30 -> 10
  • Build:  10 -> 2
  • Review: 10 -> 10

Additional changes

  • Extra socket to fire with (actually I added two extra sockets) - 10 minutes
  • Random asteroid speed and scale - 5 minutes
  • Pickup item: double (triple) shot and extra life - 30 minutes
  • Player flashes when hit - 10 minutes
  • Blocking cube - 15 minutes
  • Levels with different difficulty levels (I made 3) - 10 minutes

Project details

The goal of this project was to create 2D space shooter game controlled by keyboard with shield and lives countdown. I think that target of this tutorial was to solidify knowledge from Lab 1 and previous tutorial sessions.

Software and materials used

Didn't changed too much. Sublime Text is great script editor and I will stick with it from now on for sure. I managed to setup cloud backup solution called SpiderOak and I recommend it to everyone who values theirs data. SpiderOak as opposed to Dropbox encrypts your data before any upload so its quite safe no matter who have access to your uploaded files on the other side.

SpiderOak is monitoring your files continuously so any change is backed up and uploaded right away. What's more any file is versioned and you can quickly revert any unfortunate change made to project (like removing important assets or messing up the scenes). "Why don't you use SCM instead?" you say. I could but I don't need SCM right now. I will not revert my work to state commited many days or months before and I will not fork or merge my work anytime soon. Simple backup solution is all I need by now.

Final thoughts

Two lab projects behind and three to go. I think I understand Unity 3D a little better by now. I think a need to speed up a little. There is no time to waste. Lab 3! Here I come!

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