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Unity Course Lab 1

I've been doing Unity Course by Walker Boys Studio lately and I'm going through lab projects. One of the requirements is to create a blog and post my progress, so here I go!


From 26 June 2012 to 2 July 2012 (7 days).

Maybe but just maybe I think about counting off 29 and 30 of June. At these two days I've been in Warsaw at the Java developers conference. This is one time a year event.

Production Time

I am not counting time needed to listen to presentation talk (including rewinding) because I can't recall time I needed to listen it again and again. I can only recall how much time I needed or will I need to create each element of the game.

Predicted time -> real time (in minutes)
  • Setup 10 -> 10
  • Assets 45 -> 60
  • Player 30 -> 40
  • Enemy 20 -> 15
  • Menus 40 -> 20
  • GUI 30 -> 10
  • Build 10 -> 1
  • Review 10 -> 10

Additional changes

Blinking sphere 

Done in 40 minutes

This one took me by surprise. I tried to use yield to create blinking and failed miserably (unity created about 100 instances of explosion particles all over the scene). I needed to deeply understand what "yield" is actually doing and documentation is lack of this information (I found this). Finally everything is in order and I think I will write another blog post about yielding.

Moving cube

30 minutes
This was fairy simple. I made it to rotate in 3d :-)

Random respawn time for spheres

5 minutes
Too easy :-)

Make the Sphere move in a circular pattern

30 minutes
I had little problem with angle calculation but it's ok now.

Project Detail

The goal of this project was to create mouse clicking game with objects to destroy and score to earn. What I did was in biggest part what the tutorial told me to except particles effect. I spent some time to tune how explosion should look like just for fun.

Software and materials used

Rather not surprising are these two: Unity 3D 3.5.2, Windows 7 x64.
What about text editor? I think that UniSciTE is a horrible script editor that I don't want to use ever again. Instead I discovered that there are working Unity plugins for my favorite Sublime Text. After 5 minutes everything was up and running!

Final Thoughts

This is rather new experience for me to write game by creating objects first and writing scripts second but I like this new approach. What is important that I don't feel limited in any way when thinking about what I can create with Unity. It's exciting to think that I will be capable of creating really good-looking games 5 to 10 times faster than before with less effort on my side. It sounds funny that creating 3D worlds looks now much simpler than creating these in only two dimensions.

Unity rocks :-)

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